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Art Songs

               by KNOWN authors


A certain young lady                        Washington Irving 

A red, red rose                                   Robert Burns

Abou Ben Athen                                Leigh Hunt

Be Strong!                                           Maltbie Davenport Babcock

Elegy on the death of ...                    Oliver Goldsmith

Grief                                                     Kristine Olson

How do I love thee                            Elizabeth Barret Browning

Ich lebe mein Leben                           Rilke

Jacob                                                    Phoebe Cary

One Kiss                                              Robert Herrick

Jenny Kissed Me                                 Leigh Hunt

The Blind Men and the Elephant     John Godfrey Saxe

The Duel                                              Eugene Field

The Elf and the Dormouse                Oliver Herford

The First Bird                                      Old Irish (adapted)

The Little Elf                                        John Kendricks Bangs

The Pessimist                                      Ben King

To My Nose                                         Alfred A. Forrester   

Trees                                                    Joyce Kilmer

When I Get Time                               Thomas L. Masson


                  Shakespeare Songs

Come Away Death

If Music Be the Food of Love

It Was a Lover and a Lass

O, Mistress Mine

The Brightness of Her Cheek

Who is Silva?

                   William Blake Songs

Infant Joy

Love's Secret

The Divine Image

The Fly

The Lamb

The Lamb (version #2 a cappella)

                 George Herbert Songs



The Foil


The Water-Course

The Call (with optional violin intro)

                    by UNKNOWN authors

Always Finish

A Maxim Revised

If You But Knew

Judged by...



Miss Fogerty's Cake

Money and a Friend

My Church

Surprise in Heaven

The Optimist

The Scotsman

There is no Death

Three Wise Men of Gotham

Try Smiling

When Lovely Woman

                 Song Cycles 


Life Cycle                            Kevin Jeffers

      Conversation (age unknown)

      Now what?  (age 3)

      A song from heaven  (age 5)

      No one's perfect  (age 13)

      Poem  (age 19)

      To her soul  (age 23)

      I am but an image  (age 27)

      Between two worlds  (age 33)

      Hurry!  (age 37)

      All blessings?  (age 45)

      While there is light  (age 53)

      I am known  (age 61)

      Full of it!  (age 72)

      This ol' man  (age 77)

      Conversation  (age unimportant)



The Unbeliever                   Stephen Donaldson 

6 songs from "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant"

Pleasant Dreams                      Kevin Jeffers

3 original songs

                       permission pending on poems by

e.e. cummings

Ogden Nash

Robinson Jeffers

translations of Rilke

translations of Rumi

Elizabeth Bishop

             and others


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