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Spoon River: a musical anthology

songs and arias




lyrics adapted from Edgar Lee Masters'

"Spoon River Anthology"


Anne Rutledge         (with optional SATB)

Julia Miller

Lois Spears

Lydia Humphrey

Margaret Fuller Slack

Mrs. George Reece

Mrs. Sibley


Amanda Barker
Lucinda Matlock
Mary McNeely
Pelage Poague
Penniwit, the artist


Francis Turner
Frank Drummer
Franklin Jones
J.Milton Miles
Julian Scott


Alexander Throckmorton

Barney Hainsfeather

Judson Stoddard

Roger Heston

Oscar Hummel             (with optional male quartet)

Use the Rod                  (original lyric)

Bass-Baritone and Bass

Abel Melveny
Ace Shaw
Richard Bone
Sam Hookey


Emily Sparks and Reuben Painter
Rev. Wiley and Mrs. Bliss
Roscoe and Mrs. Purkapile
William and Emily

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